07 May 2015

I wish I’d been there…..

As many of our regular followers know, Swift are sponsoring Stoke City V Tottenham Hotspurs football match this Saturday.  Here at Swift, we love working with organisations of all different shapes and sizes from the start-up enterprises working from home offices through to national blue chips in multi-storey office blocks.  
Something we’ve noticed during our interactions with people from all walks of life is that nothing can ignite enthusiasm in quite the same way that a game of football can!
 So, in keeping with the human race’s passion for all things sporty, this week’s question is:-
 What historical or unusual sporting event, moment or player would you like to have been able to witness? (Perhaps one that didn’t take place in 1966 or we’ll have a lot of repetitive answers)!
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10 Responses to I wish I’d been there…..
  1. Gosh – so many to choose from. How about Torvill and Dean’s gold-medal-winning “Bolero”. I saw it on the telly at the time and wondered what the atmosphere was like in the stadium (if that’s the right word for the venue)?

  2. After watching the film Rush, I would have liked to have witnessed the 1970s formula one rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, live from the track.
    Another one would probably be going to see Muhammad Ali in the ring.

  3. I’d like to have seen Steve Redgrave getting his 5th gold medal for rowing – what an achievement!

  4. I know it’s only a film but watching the match played in “Escape to Victory” would have been good. Watching a game played by pros like Bobby Moore and Pele along with actors like Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone would certainly be a unique experience.

  5. As a staunch Villa Fan, I remember watching the coca cola cup final (now the league cup) in 1994 against Manchester United. I was sure we would lose – my Dad who’s a Scouse wanted us to lose as I had recently informed him that I had been going down Villa Park, him being a Liverpool fan was disappointed 🙁
    3-1 to us was the final score and I so wish I would of been there !! It would’ve been a better atmosphere rather than watching it with my Dad LOL

  6. 1968 FA Cup final for obvious reasons – West Brom winning the cup
    47 years is a long time and i really do hope i’m around it happens again. According to my claculations my dad being a big baggies fan was there and sure enough i appeared on the scene 9 months later.
    Note to self i don’t think history will repeat itself in my case

  7. The event i would of like to have seen was MCDonalds friday lol

  8. Would of loved to of seen 1966 world cup final but as i’m only 23 it was not possible.

    However i will look forward to watching the mighty Villa lift the FA cup on the 30th May this year.

  9. none i detest sports !


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