Swift Education Supplies

Swift Education Supplies

Being a supplier to the education sector has been an important part of Swift.  Being able to offer a solution suitable for any size classroom that incorporates not just tables and chairs for the pupils and teachers but also the interactive whiteboards and mobile storage equipment is part of what makes Swift the ideal supplier to any educational institution.

Not only are we able to provide your classroom solutions but also everything you need to ensure that your administration staff have the best possible environment to facilitate the smooth running of their duties with the tools to make their tasks as easy and efficient as possible. Everything from your office paper and pens to the chairs they sit on.

And let’s not forget the teaching staff, when they are not engaged in their core duties they need a space to be able to rest, a place to be able to plan their next activities and a place to utilize for the days learning. With this in mind we feel that Swift are able to create the ideal space for you using our design team who will listen to your requirements, look at your existing space and then create a solution that will incorporate everything into a stylish comfortable but practical environment.

Why not get in touch with our sales team on 01922 743454 and see how we can help you streamline your purchasing.

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