27 Mar 2015

Spring Forward



A friendly reminder that the clocks go forward this Sunday, this means we lose a whole hour and don’t get it back for 6 months! 🙁  

Now the way this works doesn’t technically allow you to do this, but theoretically if you could put something on hold for 6 months what would it be?

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11 Responses to Spring Forward
  1. For six months??? ermmm

    I would stop my children getting any older as it scares me how quickly they are growing up. Proper little personalities and people from innocent little angels.

  2. Id go on holiday and hold that for 6 months, sun, sea and sand for 6 months now that would make me happy. 🙂

  3. I’m with Hayles all over on this one. I would put EVERYTHING on hold for six months and go somewhere HOT to explore!!!!

  4. I might leave you hanging for 6 months before giving my answer to this question.

  5. I would put all my bills on hold for 6 months, imagine getting paid on the 25th and all that money is just for you 🙂

  6. Housework – how lovely would it be to only need to do it once every 6-months?

  7. I would hold my wages for six months LOL
    In other words regardless of what I withdrew my balance would remain the same – I would have a field-day 🙂

  8. i would not work for 6 months get up at your own pace and the whole day to yourself bliss!!

  9. Think I’d put Monday mornings on hold for 6 months and enjoy the weekend…..A lot lol


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