24 Apr 2015

Pink Or Blue



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On a completely unrelated note the royal baby is due any day now and we wish them all the best, but it does raise the question, will we be welcoming a new prince or princess? and what will they be called?

let us know your thoughts.

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12 Responses to Pink Or Blue
  1. Fav at the bookies is Lucy – however i think its going to be a boy and called Henry

    • I thought the fave was Alice – it hasn’t been mentioned but Victoria would be good royal name. They are saying Arthur for a boy which is a middle name of quite a few royals. We haven’t had a royal Richard for a while and, following the discovery of the remains of Richard III, you never know this might be in the royal family’s minds.

  2. A lovely little princess and she will have an old fashioned an unexpected name.

  3. I think it will be a Blue one, As we have never had a King Michael I think they should name him after Kates Dad 🙂

  4. I think they will have a pink one and she will be named Victoria Elizabeth Mary and their next one will be another blue one. 🙂

  5. Well im hoping for a girl and born on Sunday would be nice as its my moms 84th birthday 🙂 Rose in the name would also be nice for the same reason, but i think Elizabeth will come into it somewhere, if a boy i think Harry, Charles or even Edward stand a chance

    • Your mom’s name would certainly work well in a royal name. My mom’s name wouldn’t work so well though – I don’t think Princess Brenda is quite what they will be looking for!!!

  6. a girl would be nice, Cinderella would be a fab name 😉

  7. Mmmmm a girl I think! The name Tinkerbell stands out lol

  8. i think it will be a girl and a traditional name can’t see a royal called fifi trixabell !


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