10 Apr 2015

Mr Blue Sky


hot weather construction

Supposedly it is going to be the hottest day of the year so far today and although we don’t sell sun tan cream we do have some of the luxuries that make the weather all the more bearable such as water coolers and fans.

Hopefully the BBQ’s and swimming pools will be out soon.

so on the note of keeping cool, have you got any tips or tricks that help you get through a hot day?

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7 Responses to Mr Blue Sky
  1. I’m going to strip down to my y fronts and strutt my stuff…

  2. Sounds strange but hot drinks are supposingly better than cold ones during the hot weather and have found that it does work…

  3. My motto is “There is no such thing as too hot” I think that is because I am a real Grinch in the cold weather. I hate it, I hate it so bring on the 100degree sunshine as I love it!

  4. sit under a umberella with a gin and tonic with plenty of ice !

  5. When you take your morning shower in really hot weather – drip dry afterwards rather than towel dry (in front of a fan if you can). This keeps your body temperature a bit lower for the next few hours providing you’re not exerting yourself too much.
    Honestly – it really works although it might not be a pretty site for your family!
    Failing that there’s always ice-cream 😉

  6. if the hot weather does continue that the delivery guys get work shorts 🙂


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