16 Apr 2015


For all you football fans out there you might be interested to know that Swift are sponsoring Stoke City next month In association with SB Seating Ltd.

I have to admit that when the school P.E. teacher used to say “remember your football boots for next lesson”, I wasn’t confident in the least. I was always more of a track person.

So what sports and physical activities do you excel at and dread?

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5 Responses to Goal!
  1. i hate all sports only exercise i get is walking and my drinking hand raising a glass !

  2. Loved Football / Rugby & Cricket and played in teams for all of these be it at school and after in later life.
    Hated Swimming and still not over keen

  3. I was very sporty at Primary school playing netball and rounders for the school but once I went to Senior school I lost interest and just didnt want to play at all, feigning illness more often than not 🙂 Unfortunately the allergy to fitness has carried me into adult life I dont mind watching sports on TV but that’s my limit

  4. I loved Football, Cricket, Rugby and Golf and played sports no stop as a teenager.

    Hated Swimming as my trunks were tighter than they should be for a developing child 🙂

  5. I’m afraid I am the chair-person and a founding member of Slobs Anonymous. I loved to swim before i hit my teens and now can’t stand the thought of going swimming. I enjoyed ‘games’ at school Netball, Tennis, Rounders, Badminton and had mixed feelings about Hockey. I absolutely hated jumping on and off those vaulting horses and the like (pointless)!
    Nowadays, if I can motivate myself to go for a walk every evening I’m doing well but it is more miss than hit. You’d think I’d be super strong from all the extra weight I have to lump around with me but sadly it doesn’t work like that.
    On the upside my brain gets lost of exercise just dealing with daily life.


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