13 Mar 2015




I never knew so many names existed until I flicked through our fabric swatches for chairs, screens and carpets, the one that sticks in my head is Giggleswick! The brightest pink for a chair you could ever ask for. You can see these swatches when you visit our showroom to help you get the right look for your furniture.

So on the note of names and with Cheltenham finishing today, its only common sense to ask… if you owned a race horse what would it be called?

You could also use this chance to post your tips for the days races.

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6 Responses to Giggleswick
  1. Baggy Boy …..

    I think naming after family names would also be good , however having 2 kids & 1 wife i need 3 horses as to not offend….. 3 chances to win better than 1 though i guess

  2. It’s not my own joke but I do like “May The Horse Be With You” 🙂

  3. Mine has to be called Hayley Baby which is what I’m known as in the office, not sure if this sounds right for a horse though, other than that it would have to be Twin Peaks!!! I will leave that one for you all to guess why?

  4. Think I would just call mine “The Horse” just for the comedy…. “The Horse” has jump the first fence and is still doing well, that would be amusing or The horse has won

    Dan the man that can says he would call it Lady Killer!!! lol

  5. I would call my horse – Ain’t got a chance!

    Most of the horses i picked at Cheltenham are still currently running????


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