Green Products

If you are looking to reduce your companies impact on the environment a great way of doing so is to choose environmentally friendly products. The good news is that as more environmentally friendly products are becoming available, prices are now more competitive than ever compared with less sustainable options. Being environmentally friendly doesn’t need to cost the earth and we have made it a whole easier for you to recognise these products in our catalogue.

Globe & Tick-sm“Environmentally preferred” products with all round environmental performance. All products with the Globe & Tick accreditation have been fully assessed and are shown in the catalogue with a green background so you can easily identify them.



Promotes responsible management of the world’s forests



Fairtrade Mark-sm

The Fairtrade Mark is an important step towards a fairer deal for the producers in developing countries. The Fairtrade Mark guarantees producers a price that covers production, allows for investment into the community and creates a more sustainable way of life.



Envisage® toner cartridges are manufactured to the highest quality in accordance to ISO standards, including ISO 19001 which governs quality and ISO 19752/19798 for page yield. During the manufacturing process all cartridges are completely disassembled and cleaned and any worn or critical components replaced with new ones. All cartridges are fully page tested before being packed.

Click here for more information on Envisage®

You will find your guide to the Ecolabel icons in our catalogue.


To make it easier for you to reduce your impact on the environment, our new delivery box, Recycleabox, is a fast reliable and even more environmentally responsible delivery service. A sturdy but easily collapsible box made from 100% recycled waste that can be re-used up to four times meaning that it’s possible to reduce packaging waste by up to 75%…. and when it can no longer be used, it is recycled back into itself.

recycla box

Our new delivery box, Recyclabox, is a fast, reliable and even more environmentally responsible delivery service. A sturdy but easily collapsible box made from 100% recycled waste that can be re-used up to four times meaning that it possible to reduce packaging waste by up to 75%… and when it can no longer be used, it is recycled back into itself!

Even better, Recyclabox incorporates a clever little card insert to hold your goods securely in place rather than loose filler. This means even less packaging waste and less hassle when you unpack your delivery.

Closed Loop paper recycling service.

We will collect your confidential waste and ensure that it is securely shredded, either on or off-site. Our secure paper disposal methods mean you can be confident that there will be no loss of data. Once we have shredded your documents, we clean the pulp and recycle the waste paper….click here for more information

Toner & Inkjet Collection Boxes.

Research shows that nine out of ten people would recycle more if it were easier. So, we’ve tried to make it as easy as we can for you to recycle your used toner and inkjet cartridges. Just add one of our cartridge collection boxes to your order and start filling up.  It’s that simple and the boxes and our collection service is completely FREE.

These are just a few of the ways we are trying to help you make a difference.

Quality & Environmental Standards

We are proud to hold the ISO 9001 quality standard (logo) & ISO 14001 Environmental standard and are committed to working with our customers to ensure that they receive the best service, the best products, delivered on time, in full and without complaint whilst minimising our impact on the environment…..click here for our Quality and Environmental policy

ISO 9001-UKAS-sm




Closed Loop Recycling Service

In the UK alone over six million tonnes of paper and board is once only and not recycled following disposal*. What’s more, good quality waste paper is often recycled into one time use products such as wallpaper or tissue, which means it is no longer in the recycling loop. Our Closed Loop process ensures that the recycled copier paper we produce from your waste can itself be recycled back into a new product up to six times.

As well as delivering sustainability benefits, the Closed Loop process is helping to promote the growth of the UK recycled paper market. It provides more of the much needed raw material to manufacture recycled paper and creates demand for the finished recycled product


If your waste paper is confidential, we ensure that it is shredded securely. We provide a Certificate of Destruction to confirm your compliance under the Data Protection Act.

The UK waste material is baled and transported to a specialist mill partner to be turned into pulp. The pulp is washed to remove any contamination then pressed, dried and finally manufactured into Banner 100% Recycled Copier Paper.

Any pulp that cannot be recycled into copier paper is used to produce other products such as fertiliser

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