01 May 2015

Compliments of the Hotel



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Now most people have stayed in multiple hotels at one point or another, some good and maybe some not so good, so what are your best and worst hotel memories?

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8 Responses to Compliments of the Hotel
  1. In the eighties I traveled quite a bit for the Company I worked for at the time and they once booked me into a hotel that turned out to be a brothel.

  2. Booking a holiday through Groupon at a ‘4 Star’ Hotel was a big mistake! We had constant building works outside, two single beds for a couple, a fridge that didnt work and a big 1960’s tv that didnt work. It was like some dodgey motel from the 60’s.

  3. Hopefully the one I am about to go on will be the best hotel, all inclusive with a self service pool bar 🙂 even if it isnt the best I probably wont remember it anyway so it wont matter.


  4. My worst must be when my hotel room was robbed when I went to Prague 🙁
    On a plus side the Hotel Manager wouldn’t let us pay for a thing after that, refunded our room and gave us £100 worth of Czech Crowns. This was lovely as you could get a 3 course meal and drinks for two for about £12 – Happy Days :):)

  5. worst years ago when i was a teenager staying in london with my best friend and my parents woken at 2.30 in morning by fire alarm going off !

  6. Worst hotel was a fire alarm in the early hours and the best must be having a sun roof in a hotel in Spain !


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